Gocycle Gocycle

Automotive designed lightweight electric bicycle.

See more of the shore with Gocycle. Ergonomic, elegant and lightweight, the Gocycle is a fun alternative way to explore. One of the most revolutionary electronic bikes on the market, the versatile, compact design means it is easy to store on the boat, and a pleasure to ride on the shore.


Inspired by a career in designing innovative, lightweight racing car components for McLaren, Richard Thorpe dedicated his experience to crafting the perfect e-bike.

Two wheel drive.

The major innovation in Gocycle’s drive chain, is in applying electric power to the front wheel, allowing the pedals to power the rear. The result is a balanced transmission and even weight distribution between the front and rear wheels. Our predictive electronic gear shift keeps you pedalling smoothly, with power when you need it most, like when you’re taking from the lights, or heading up hill.

Agile and easy to handle.

By ignoring tradition, Gocycle centres the mass around the bottom bracket, lowering the centre of gravity. This coupled with our ‘lightest in class’ construction delivers an unrivalled responsive  and agile performance to the rider.


Gocycle is the perfect addition to your lifestyle on the water and packs away in places where storage is tight, just like on your boat. You can  even get a travel case.

Versatile light and compact

Versatile light and compact

Lightweight (16kg) and stowable, Gocycle folds down to less than the size of a suitcase. The innovative design makes folding and unfolding a breeze.

Clean, easy to live with

Clean, easy to live with

No other e-bike has the versatile dynamics of Gocycle. The streamlined chassis and PitstopWheels® make cleaning Gocycle fast and easy. No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil – no mess. Gocycle can be taken anywhere.

Designed for you.

Our unique Vgonomic™ designed seat-post and frame geometry combined with adjustable handlebars, to adjust your driving position enables Gocycle to fit every body size and shape with superior comfort.


Streamlined design.

All the information the rider needs is presented in a streamlined simple dash, built right into the handle bars – battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position. Change gears with ease through the Shimano Nexus® 3-speed hub gear, with Gocycle’s electronic predictive shifting – controlled without moving your hands from the grip. And hydraulic disk brakes keep you safe when you need to stop.


Personalise your ride.

Our smartphone app links to Gocycle easily with Bluetooth®. Use the Gocycle Connect® app to select from three pre-set modes or set up your own custom mode. Regulate your speed, fine tune your motor assistance, Monitor your battery, Trip odometer, Calorie burn calculator and more.

Lampuga Lampuga


The Lampuga electric powered jet surfboard is the perfect way to cruise hidden costal areas while adding some adventure to your day. With its lightweight carbon-fibre composite construction and powerful electric jet drive, the Lampuga is so much more than just a surfboard: it’s an experience.


The quiet electric jet propulsion system disturbs neither animals nor other people and produces no emissions. Steer by shifting your weight, just like a surfboard and pull the steering belt for thrust. The automated emergency stop mechanism keeps you and everyone around you safe should come off the board.

Quadrofoil Quadrofoil


The first all electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, the Quadrofoil is a ride like no other. Fly above the water on this stylish, lightweight vessel, enjoying the ocean without any of the noise or emissions of a motorboat. With legendary performance and power, it’s a must have accessory for any adventurous boatie.


The Cockpit

Flying a Quadrofoil couldn’t be simpler. The steering wheel has an integrated touch screen display, which keeps you informed about battery power, range, speed and consumption. It also functions as a detachable key, without which the engine can’t be started.

Innovative Stability

Quadrofoil is the only foiling watercraft with an integrated steering system. The technology works as a stabilization system and makes the vessel responsive on the water. Powered by industry standard batteries with an integrated battery management system, a long lifetime and a range of up to 100 km on a single charge.


Clean Technology

Clean Technology

The watercraft comes with an all-electric outboard motor and special steering system, so not a drop of oil goes in the environment.

Water Friendly

Water Friendly

It flies over water at under $2/hour with little annual maintenance cost . That makes it the most efficient PWC on the water.



Aerodynamic design and precision engineering make it slice the surface with cruising speed up to 20 knots.

Anti Collision

Anti Collision

The inbuilt anti-collision system absorbs the collision forces in case of shock. This will reduce impact and ensure higher passenger and vehicle safety.



Unlike the Titanic, Quadrofoil is actually unsinkable. The hull is hollow, so even in the worst case scenarios, Quadrofoil will stay afloat.

Always Horizontal

Always Horizontal

Foil design places the centre of roll 8 meters above the vessel, ensuring Quadrofoil to stay horizontal at all times.