Nuova Jolly The pursuit of perfection

We all dream of absolute freedom. It’s this quest to find it that inspired Dominique Aiello to design the first Nuova Jolly in 1961. Today, with Dominique’s five sons at the helm, we continue the search. Ensuring each vessel is created with the highest quality materials. And each model is tested in the toughest conditions. With more than 50 years experience and a 1500m2 shipyard in Milan, Nova Jolly has become the most sought after brand in Europe. Because absolute freedom it seems, can be attained. Our range of 5 – 13 metre vessels stand for luxury, safety, durability, ingenuity and a freedom that one can only find on the water.


Italian style is tangible. Our vessels are sleek and spacious, with a range of custom-deck plans that cater for your every whim. Enjoy ample deck space, easy circulation, an ergonomic centre console and more.

The overly pronounced V-design creates an exceptional boating experience even in rough seas.


For lasting beauty, our fibreglass hulls are constructed from a crisscrossed blend of fabric and resin.

The Neoprene-Hypalon tubes are selected from the world-leading provider of Hypalon ORCA. Each tube offers the latest resistance to UV, hydrocarbons and provides maximum strength for an unforgettable day on the water.