De Antonio Yachts De Antonio Yachts

De Antonio yachts have crafted something truly unique with their range of contemporary luxury boats. Designed by Marc de Antonio of renowned Ubica Studio in Barcelona, this modern take on classic beauty makes no compromises when it comes to performance.

Wider Yachts Wider Yachts

"Innovate, develop, and renew.” This is how Wider founder Tilli Antonelli approaches his designs. Breaking away from convention, Wider’s reinterpretation of every design detail has led to a truly innovative product.

Ribbon Yachts Ribbon Yachts

Technology, design, comfort and quality are integrated into every yacht, resulting in astonishing performance and modern design. With a Ribbon Yacht luxury is about more than the object beyond the object, it is the total experience.

Nuova Jolly Nuova Jolly

We all dream of absolute freedom. It’s this quest to find it that inspired Dominique Aiello to design the first Nuova Jolly in 1961. Today, with Dominique’s five sons at the helm, we continue the search. Ensuring each vessel is created with the highest quality materials. And each model is tested in the toughest conditions. With more than 50 years experience and a 1500m2 shipyard in Milan, Nova Jolly has become the most sought after brand in Europe. Because absolute freedom it seems, can be attained. Our range of 5 – 13 metre vessels stand for luxury, safety, durability, ingenuity and a freedom that one can only find on the water.