See more of the shore with Gocycle. Ergonomic, elegant and lightweight, the Gocycle is a fun alternative way to explore. One of the most revolutionary electronic bikes on the market, the versatile, compact design means it is easy to store on the boat, and a pleasure to ride on the shore.

The Lampuga electric powered jet surfboard is the perfect way to cruise hidden costal areas while adding some adventure to your day. With its lightweight carbon-fibre composite construction and powerful electric jet drive, the Lampuga is so much more than just a surfboard: it’s an experience.

The first all electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, the Quadrofoil is a ride like no other. Fly above the water on this stylish, lightweight vessel, enjoying the ocean without any of the noise or emissions of a motorboat. With legendary performance and power, it’s a must have accessory for any adventurous boatie.